Hello! I’m Becca. I started “Shattering Stigma” in March 2016. I wanted to create a place where I could share my thoughts about various “hot topics,” studies, or articles I come across. After spending the better part of my life navigating the mental health system in the depths of my own struggles, I am able to offer a sort of “insider perspective.” There were times when I doubted I would ever move ahead in my life; I felt beyond repair. And yet, somehow here I am, living a life substantially brighter than I ever thought possible. I now feel a moral obligation to do my part in shattering the widespread stigma surrounding mental illness.

I hope to touch on a broad array of topics such as understanding mental illness, busting myths and stereotypes, access to care, and anything else people are interested in. Because of my own personal history I tend to be most drawn to certain topics (e.g., eating disorders, depression) but I hope to also venture out from these topics and I am open to suggestions.